Terri I.

Chris is the most professional realtor we've ever worked with. She is responsive and proactive. She is flexible in meeting the scheduling needs of her clients. Chris has always provided "big picture" answers to our questions which has allowed us to make informed decisions about buying and selling. Most recently, as a CA resident moving to FL, we inquired about realtor recommendations in our new location. Chris made a few phone calls and made a great referral to a realtor in Florida who is an expert in the communities we were targeting. That connection ended up serving us well! The FL realtor met with us, and we instantly bonded. In fact, we bought the first house she showed us. This is a great testimony for the power of client relationships!

Paul B.

My family has bought and sold 4 properties using Christine. She is dedicated and works tirelessly to get the deals done. She was not afraid to put in offers and back them up with explanations. Although sometimes negotiations can become uncomfortable, Christine never flinched.

Mike B.

Chris is a "cut above."

She’s not the typical “real estate phony” all full of gratuitous smiles and fawning manners … and, only interested in the bottom line. See, I don’t like real estate agents!

No, she’s a real person and has always shown great interest in my projects. I can’t imagine working with anybody else. She started off being my “agent,” now she’s my friend too. I’m going to be selling my newly designed home next year and it certainly will be Christine!

Anita H.

I met and worked with Chris when selling the house of an old friend. I was so pleased she had been recommended to me as she was able to handle all the unexpected problems we encountered. All with good humor in a very professional way. I am expecting to be selling my own property in the not too distant future and know I wil be able to trust her to do her best for me and guide me through all the necessary paperwork. Great lunch companion too.

Nina B.

Chris is professional, energetic and easy to work with. Her commitment to her clients, immediate responsiveness and integrity was refreshing. I loved working with her and would absolutely do so again.

Lynn D.

Christine was a treat of an agent to work with. She understood our desires and took them into consideration when showing us homes. Didn't waste our time with homes that were out of our price range. We were more than clients to Christine; we were friends.

Bill K.

Chris is bare none the best realtor in the south county! She worked tirelessly to locate and close the deal on our home. Chris will always have my highest admiration and respect as she works so hard for the first time home buyer trying to purchase an entry level - home. I can truly say I made a friend for life with Chris.

Jamie H.

Chris is one of the most diligent and thoughtful realtors I have ever worked with. She always listened intently and gave my wife and I so many amazing options to look at.

If I have one piece of advice it would be to work with Chris Salvetti if you are looking for a house within 50 miles of Santa Barbara! She will go above and beyond all your expectations.

Justin L.

Chris was extremely helpful throughout the selling process, advising us expertly on price, marketing, and offers. She was kind enough to accommodate our showing requests (e.g. by appointment only), and gave us plenty of notice when she did show our home. Despite a slow-down in the market, Chris never let us lose hope, and closed a deal extremely favorable for both us and the buyers. We would recommend Chris in a half a heartbeat!

Karen R.

Thank you for helping us find such a great house, we love it. I appreciate that you took the time to listen and find out what was important to us. You drove me around to every possible choice then we just had to wait until something came up. Thanks for your quick response after seeing the house so that I was able to fly out and take a look before it was sold. I don't think the house would have stayed on the market long. Lastly, you diligently followed through with all the details to make closing as easy as possible.

Gary R.

Chris was very responsive to all our requests and gave us valuable contacts for work we needed to perform at our house. She made us feel very comfortable through the whole process.

Johanna S.

Christine was personable, thorough, protective of my interests, advised how to best show the property, was available at all times when questions arose, and she was prompt with notifying others when my property sold. Even after the sale of the property she has stayed in touch with me concerning my relocation. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a seller's agent in the Santa Barbara area. She made selling my home of 40 years a bre

Denise W.

In over 30 years of working with top realtors, Chris Salvetti is simply the best. She listens to her clients and follows through with outstanding service and integrity. I told her by phone what I was looking for, and the same day she emailed me a detailed list of all of the properties available that met my requirements. She quickly arranged appointments for the homes I wanted to see. At every point, she followed through in a professional and comfortable manner that made me feel as if I had a tremendously experienced coach at my side helping me make the best informed decisions possible. She was kind and considerate and very knowledgeable. Chris Salvetti is exactly the kind of person you want in the room when making a decision as important as the purchase of a home.

Don M.

We have had the pleasure to work with Chris Salvetti on a home purchase and a sale a few months later. Chris is very knowledgeable of the real estate market as well as the effects of changing lender interest rates on buying and selling power, important for marketing and pricing considerations. Chris is frequently in touch during the buying and selling processes. It was easy to contact Chris, and at any time, and she is always positive, timely, responsive and kept us up to date and on schedule with documents during both escrows. Chris is determined and really great to work with!

Susan N.

Christine sold our home of 25 years after it had been on the market for one day. We had moved to another state and rented our home for one year before we decided to sell it. Christine took on the task to get the house ready for sale with a smile on her face. We communicated frequently and she was always available to take a call from us, or would call us back shortly. She was always pleasant, informative and fun to work with. We have another home in CA and when we decide to sell, Christine will be the realtor we will choose for the job. We highly recommend her services.

Roger B.

I reached out to Chris for help purchasing my new home with my partner. She was Excellent! Very professional and understanding. I felt that she was always looking out for our best interests. It took A LOT of homes to go through because me and my partner are VERY picky. Chris never lost steam and kept on aggressively searching right up to the day she found us our very first home!

My partner and I have been in our new home for almost a year now and every day we look back on it and are grateful we worked with Chris and listened to her advice because it has been the best purchase we have ever made.

If you are looking for someone who can get creative and you are open to suggestions, then I highly recommend Chris

Charlotte E.

Chris has been my realtor of choice for many years buying and selling homes and investment properties. The quality of service she provides is excellent. Her attention to detail is second to none. When I have bought or sold a property outside of her sales area (Minnesota or Northern California) she has researched local realtors in my area to refer me but stays in constant contact with me and the realtor to make sure I receive the same excellent service she provides. I look forward to working with Chris for many years to come.

Joy C.

If you're looking for that rare agent that always follows through, stays connected, responds promptly to emails and phone calls and really knows what's going on in the market, then Chris is it! We can't say enough about Chris' professionalism, dedication and commitment. Throughout our continuing search for the perfect home, she has kept us current with market, updated with new listings and always takes time to show us properties when we call, giving us as much information about the property as possible before we get there. My husband and I truly know that we are in the best hands with Chris and will always trust her with our real estate needs.

Hannah S.

We worked with Christine to both purchase and sell homes. She was responsive, hard-working, pleasant to work with and professional. After our initial purchase we stayed in contact so that it was a natural choice to use her again when we were ready to sell.

Seth G.

Chris helped us buy our first home, and did an outstanding job in not only helping us achieve our goals, but give us the proper industry knowledge so we felt like we were making the proper decisions. She really went above and beyond, leaving the local area and helping us look at homes up to 50 miles away. We finally settled on our home, and have been there for the last 6 years. We were so impressed, we recommended Chris to some friends of ours looking for condos in Goleta, and she has helped them on more than one occasion

Libby A.

I loved working with Chris. She was on top of this process from the first moment. She had been looking for the house I wanted for several weeks and when the one I purchased came up, we were there to see it right away. She helped me negotiate and recommended an excellent mortgage broker and escrow manager. I was working out of town for most of the escrow period and Chris patiently guided me through all the steps I needed to do to complete the process. She stayed cheerful and kind every step of the way. Chris made excellent recommendations for services when I moved into the house. Chris Salvetti is an EXCELLENT agent and she is such a lovely person.

Donna S.

We found Christine quite by accident. She had a listing that we wanted to see - and we didn't have a realtor yet. She was so honest and over-the-top helpful that we decided to use her! (and by the way, we didn't like her listing.) She kept sending us suggestions and showing us houses to get the feel for what we were looking for. Didn't take long to find the perfect house. It was a smooth process in every way.

Caitie S.

"Chris is amazing! She is extremely hard-working, communicative, and puts her clients first! Even after the close of our home, she still was in touch to make sure everything was right with our place (repairs needed, etc). Chris seems to have never-ending energy and we could really depend on her to respond to events in a very timely manner AND keep us updated during the whole process. We were always kept in the loop. With housing being as competitive as it is in Santa Barbara, we needed to act fast with our offer, and that is what Chris does. We would have been completely lost without her! We will use her again if we ever sell/buy!"